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Concrete construction tools

Mixing concrete is a standout among the tasks in the world of construction. When the work begins, the speed and timeliness are very important and each contractor must be prepared for all outcomes. In fact, accessibility to the right tools for the overall concrete mixing stages will determine whether the work performed will be right with the correct consistency.

Before starting the process of mixing concrete, the contractor must have the basic tools that accompany the task and equipment for mixing and laying:

Tools for Pouring Concrete

Compactor plate

It is used to level the ground where the concrete is to be laid before it was poured.

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Laser level

It is typically used to check whether the surface on which the concrete will be poured is aligned properly. They are also used after the completion of the laying of concrete to ensure that it has been placed level and at the right height, so that the work done is perfect.

Concrete mixer truck

Concrete should be mixed with water and mixed to achieve the proper consistency for greatest durability and strength for the job. The type of mixer that will be needed depends on the scale of the task. A mixing vehicle commonly used when needed for a big area, is on a much bigger scale. Portable mixers are another available option and are useful when mixing smaller amounts of concrete at the job site. They are also more productive and faster as opposed to using a cart or a mixing bath to mix concrete by hand. For Concrete Pumping services, visit


This is regularly used to carry cement from the mixer, if it must travel to get to the site to pour. On occasion, they can also be used to prepare a small amount of concrete to save costs for small jobs. Moreover, they are important as a transporting aid and for carrying additional equipment, tools and materials at the job site.


They are used to move a small amount of concrete to the areas where there is depression and expel the excess concrete from a zone that is too full. They are also used for small batches of concrete mix in a wheelbarrow or tub.

Rubber boots and gloves

These are to a large extent to protect skin from irritation caused by concrete. Furthermore, the elastic of rubber gloves protects from certain hazardous components in concrete, which can cause burns on your skin.

Concrete vibrator

They are for the most part used to compact and settle the concrete while also removing any air pockets where the mixture is to be placed.

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Concrete Finishing Equipment

Screed Levellers

These assist with the activity of levelling concrete by smoothing out the top layer of the mixture to spread it around and add a little compression, providing a more level and compact surface.

Screed Mixture

This is a finishing layer on top of the floor and used to provide a smoother and more complete level finish. Screed mixture consists of 4 parts sharp sand to 1 part cement.

Groove Cutters concrete

Grooving is an important process because it prevents cracking of concrete and concrete floor surface dries or all uses.


These are useful for smoothing out additional  can be used to smooth out the surface before leaving the concrete to dry.

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