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How to completely blackout your bedroom in summer

Getting a good night’s sleep in summer can be difficult. Not only do high temperatures make it difficult to sleep, but longer days can help keep us, or our children, awake when they need to sleep.

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Our bodies are programmed this way, they see darkness as a signal that it’s time to go to sleep. However, as we approach midsummer and the nights are getting lighter this can have a negative impact on our sleep. It can also wake you up earlier, as your brain responds to the first glint of sunlight through the curtains.

So, how can we completely black our bedrooms for the summer months?


Make sure that your windows are in tip-top condition. Gaps and cracks can send light in unexpected directions. Speak to a reputable firm such as Dublin windows and doors supplier

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The simplest way to create a blackout is using a roller blind. These come made from blackout material, and if the right size is chosen they will block out almost all light. Choose a blind that fits inside the window aperture, close to the glass for maximum coverage.

But roller blinds aren’t the only option. Roman and Venetian blinds will also help to block out light effectively. Blinds are a great option for children’s rooms, as long as they are correctly fitted and children know how to operate them. They don’t intrude into the room space and are less likely to be accidentally pulled down.


If you prefer the drape of fabric, then curtains can be made with blackout fabric, or with a liner. Some great examples can be found in this list from Ideal Home:

You can also have the best of both worlds, layering up your window treatments to include a blind, and curtains. There is no limit to the number of layers that you can include, so you could choose to have voile or net curtains, a blind and heavier curtains to change the lighting in the room as your use of it changes through the day.

Importantly, there is no need to sacrifice style when looking at blackout curtains. Advances in fabrics have meant that these window treatments now come in a range of styles and colours. There is bound to be something that suits.

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