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Choosing the right sofa for you

When it’s time to buy a new sofa, there’s more to consider than just the way it looks. It’s an incredibly important investment as it will likely be the focal point for family time and relaxation at the end of the day. So, how do you know you’re buying the right one for your living space?

  1. Always try before you buy

Just as people are all different, no two sofas are the same either. An average sofa has a depth of about 60-70cm on the seat area, which is important for those with longer legs to remain comfortable and for those with shorter legs to be able to tuck them up. Always try the sofa out to ensure you are getting adequate back support. Seat height is normally around 50cm but there’s no right or wrong, just be sure it suits everyone in the family. If you’re one for stretching out, make sure the width and armrests are suitable for you.

  1. Choose a quality frame

For years of comfortable relaxation, be sure to invest in a sofa with a good frame. Check what kind of guarantee is available from the manufacturer or vendor. For a sofa like the stunning Florence Knoll Sofa, visit

  1. Cushions

The material inside a sofa is just as important as that which is on the outside. If you choose luxury feather-filled cushions, they will feel amazing but do need regular plumping and reshaping. Foam and fibre can flatten over time. Ensure you are comfortable and have adequate levels of support.

  1. Which fabric?

Depending on your personal style choice or existing décor, you might want something bright and bold, graphic patterns or neutral to blend with any décor. If you’re placing your sofa need a window, try to choose a synthetic fabric as natural fabrics are prone to fading. For busy families and those with pets, consider a fabric that’s easy to spot clean. Perhaps you would rather choose loose, removable fabrics which are easier to wash.

  1. Don’t forget to measure up

Be absolutely certain to measure the space you want to position a sofa. You need to know the sofa’s maximum measurements so you can be sure it fits and will suit the space you want it for. Don’t forget to measure doorways and stairs. The last you want is a sofa being delivered and you can’t get it in the house! For spaces with limited access, consider a sofa with removable legs or a design that is modular and can be delivered in parts.


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