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Brick statements are the latest design trends

Affordable and easy to use, this product, that has been used by man since ancient times, is making a comeback and being treated to some impressive technological advances.

There is a real air of excitement around bricks. In part due to new manufacturing techniques, the humble brick builds have been rethought and now come in an exciting array of colours, finishes and styles.

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Designers and architects are making the most of the countless creative possibilities and are eager to push the boundaries of creative potential to make high-impact statements in contemporary homes and high-rises.

Featuring an exposed brick wall is popular as its both flexible and durable, making them ideal for either interior or exterior settings. It is clear that the appeal of bricks goes beyond the purely structural for many architects and designers.

Brick is a timeless material and when finished beautifully, offers a wonderfully tactile material. It performs well in terms of both thermal and insulating factors.

Bricks also let people create more daring designs than they might first realize. You can form an infinite pattern with bricks, which can be applied to do anything from highlighting an entry point to some dramatic window shading.

Architects add flair with bricks in other ways, too. These techniques range from hit-and-miss screens (where part of a brick is conveniently removed to allow light and air to flow through), an unexpected choice of mortar or exposed bricks in walls and floors brought from the interior to outdoor spaces for display.

Tactility of the brick means it can be used as a surface exposed either internally and externally. Rustic, exposed bricks are right on trend. They have a rich, authentic feeling that can increase the feeling of warmth in the house, and also blurs the line between inside and out.

Increasingly popular are brick slips, that give a building all the benefits of real brick plus additional advantages. For Brick Cladding information, visit

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Popular brick colour choices:

When it comes to color trends, grey is one colour that comes to the fore. Grey accents complement the white and green. Light gray has a soft, contemporary feel, while dark gray set a bold, moodier tone.

The world’s current passion for all things design also affects the rural brick market. Conventional colours like brown, red and orange are being utilized to make stunning outdoor living areas that seamlessly mix with the natural environment.

For some architects, it is not possible to pass over the time-worn beauty of brick reclamation. It ticks a lot of boxes, both practical and aesthetic. Architects love to work with recycled brick for the characters and story related to a previous life, as well as for reasons of sustainability.

Whatever style you choose, one thing is certain: that bricks have now moved far beyond their previous roles in supporting at house and are ready to take centre stage.

Considerations when choosing bricks:


The bricks are assessed according to different environments and the location of your home will determine the classes you need. If you live near the beach or your property has a high-salt soil, you may need to specify the class of bricks which have increased resistance against salt damage.

Surrounding materials

Consider how the colour, texture and finish of a particular brick will be seen alongside the other material components in your home.


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