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Why It’s Best To Use Carpet Protectant

Homeowners are always looking for new carpet cleaning tips to protect the investment they’ve put into having that expensive carpeting installed in their homes. But with carpet comes responsibility on the part of the homeowner to ensure that the floor covering is protected from any potential accidents and messes that might occur.

Among the most critical methods for responsible routine maintenance is a dedication to cleaning up those spills and messes as soon as they occur and not allowing them to set in. Remember, the longer you allow a liquid or substance of any kind to remain on the fibers of your carpet, the more likely it will be absorbed and a stain set in.

But let’s be honest, you may not be able to get to those spills and accidents right when they take place, so you could always use an ally in your corner to fight back against those messes and keep from them seeping into the fibers as quick as they normally might.

That’s one of the most important reasons why it’s best to use a carpet protectant.

What is Carpet Protectant?

A carpet protectant is an protective repellant that is designed to repel liquids and other substances as a way to make the carpet more resistant to stains and soiling. Many carpets will already come equipped with some form of protectant on the surface of the fibers when it is installed.

But as heavy levels of foot traffic traverse the carpet from one end to the other, that protectant can start to be worn away. This usually doesn’t happen immediately, though. It takes a good three to four years before there are distinguishable levels of worn out protectant.

Once that time has passed and the carpet is rendered more vulnerable to the impacts of spills and messes, and the inevitable resulting stains that are more likely to occur, it will become more important to apply (or re-apply) a protectant to the surface of the carpeting. Even older carpets may need a new layer of protectant from time to time.

Laying down a new layer of carpet protectant can offer a multitude of benefits for preserving the look and feel of the carpeting. As you may have guessed, a carpet protectant is ideal for homes that have high levels of foot traffic, children living in the home, and one or more pets.

Why It’s Best

Homeowners who are in need of the services for carpet cleaning summerville can have carpet protectant applied to their carpet at an affordable price. Once it’s laid down, the protectant acts as a shield for keeping the carpet free of stains and odors.

It’s important to remember to vacuum routinely and have the carpet deep-cleaned at least once a year, more for those homes that see a lot of foot traffic. But carpet protectant isn’t just well-suited for stopping spills from setting in, it can also reduce the impact of shoes walking across the carpet. In both cases, stains can start to show. But not if you use a good, reliable carpet protectant.

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