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The Basics You Should Know When Buying A Business Printer

Today is the day you buy a printer. But you’re not exactly overwhelmed with joy at the task. Today’s printers can get very complicated with so many various bells and whistles available, you may start to feel like you’re buying a new car and not a piece of office equipment.

By the time you pick the one you want, you’ve done so much comparison shopping that you probably just bought whatever was in front of you simply to make it all stop.

There has to be a better way to figure out what you need to know just to buy a business printer. It certainly helps to know the basics and so that’s precisely what we’re going to explore right now. You have way too many options now, with the full range of prices, features, and capabilities to match.

Don’t give yourself a headache only because you want a new business printer. Let’s make this all simple to understand so you can make the best choice without spending hours on end comparing one printer against thirty others every time.

At Cobb Technologies, we offer a variety of printers to meet your needs. Now we offer you the important factors to consider when looking for an office printer.

Laser and Inkjet

All of your options can be boiled down to these two options. Inkjet or laser. The choice between them brings certain pros and cons that your business with either find advantageous or incompatible for your needs.

But the place to start is by considering what it is you plan to print and how often you intend to use the printer you are planning to buy. What it all boils down to is this: are you printing text or images? You can do both with each type of printer but choosing one over the other can be beneficial if you plan on printing more text than images or vice versa.

Choosing Laser

Laser printers use toner to print pages. Toner is a powdered form of ink that is heated and applied to the page during the printing process. What’s great about using toner to print is that you need not worry about it smudging when wet, which is something you must be cautious about with regular printer ink that you will find in an inkjet machine.

Laser printers can only reproduce a limited amount of colors and so your palette is somewhat restricted. The printed page may not accurately reflect the image you were attempting to print. Therefore, laser is probably better suited for printing text more than images, though depending on the printer you purchase, you could get top quality pages for both.

Offices with high print volumes and many employees using the unit are probably better off with a laser printer.

Choosing Inkjet

As we stated already, inkjet (which you may have also guessed by the name)use standard ink to print each page that comes out of the machine. The printer does this by spraying the page with tiny microdots of ink in a controlled mechanism that works to reproduce your image or text with clarity and accuracy.

The ink is designed to dry fast but sometimes those of us who are bit too eager to get the page in our hands will smear or smudge the image from time to time.

Inkjet printers have a much larger color palette that can be reproduced correctly so it’s much better for printing photos and images. It’s also great for printing text but you are expending a lot of ink to do so over time.

As for those images, inkjet printers can show signs of pixelization due to the multiple ink dots that are sprayed in place. They don’t always blend properly and when that happens, the image can look digitized or slightly compromised. In most cases, this isn’t noticeable and not all machines have this effect on the images they produce.

Inkjet printers are also best-suited for offices that have lower print volumes and fewer personnel working from them. So if your office only has two or three people using the printer, inkjet may be the way to go to suit your needs.

Hopefully this has cleared up all of the confusion you may have about which printers to buy for your office. As long as you know what it is you plan to print most often, that can make it much easier for you to select the best possible option. Whether that’s images or text, there is a printer that is ready to serve your needs.

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