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A Wonderful Winter Wedding

Read on if you are one of a growing number of couples choosing a winter wedding. As any wedding photographer will tell you, the scenery can be breathtaking!

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The beautiful landscapes and promise of a romantic and cosy atmosphere are just two of the reasons why it is becoming more popular to wed during the winter months. The lower cost and lack of competition are also very appealing.

Experiment with Colour

Just because you are choosing to wed near the holiday season, you should not restrict yourself to the traditional reds and greens. It is your day and as such, literally anything goes! Muted pastel colours are appealing. Alternatively, why not create something a bit more unexpected with bright primary colours? There are so many ways you can make your winter wedding extra special. You may also want to think about having a Gloucester Hair Colouring company add some autumn or winter inspired colours to your hair to add an extra dimension to your look.

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Outdoor Photos

If you are planning an outdoor photo shoot (and there is no reason why you shouldn’t) don’t make your guests hang around for too long outside. Just as it can get uncomfortably hot in the summer, winter can be uncomfortably cold. Chat through a running order with your photographer and minimise the time guests and other members of your wedding party will be needed.

Dress in Style!

With modern central heating you don’t need to wear heavy, warm fabrics. A strapless number is still quite acceptable in the winter months and may well be exactly what you need once the reception is under way and the room starts warming up. If you are planning to hold your event in more than one venue however, it is a good idea to accessorise you and your bridesmaid’s outfits with something warm, such as tights, gloves, a warm shawl or coat, or even some cute ear muffs or snow boots! Don’t forget the groom and his ushers too.

Embrace the Cold

Create a warm and inviting space for your reception, where you and your guests can stay cosy as the temperature drops outside. As it will get dark early, use candles for a romantic glow. Consider placing throws and pillows in a lounge area so your guests will feel right at home, relaxing with a glass or two of mulled wine, warm apple cider or perhaps even a hot chocolate with shortbread cookies for them to snack on.

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