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5 ways to get more balance in your life

We all aspire to be happier and healthier, but with modern life becoming busier, finding balance seems almost impossible. However, by making some slight changes to your life, it is possible to live a more tranquil, joyful life.

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1. Focus on self-care

Self-care isn’t just massages and spa days. You have to look after your mind and body every day. This includes eating healthy food, exercising, going to bed early and relaxing each night by reading or meditating.

2. Spend time with people

Socialising with loved ones immediately boosts our mood. In order to nurture important relationships, ensure time spent with others is quality time. Sitting silently in front of the TV doesn’t count. Meet a friend for a drink, go out once a month with your partner, or play a game with your children. It doesn’t have to take up lots of your time and you will feel happier.

3. Get offline

According to, spending time online can impact our mental health. Social media can connect us to people. However, it can also make us feel anxious and even lonely. Switching off your phone each night will not only ensure you sleep better, but it also stops you from comparing your life to others whilst scrolling on social media.

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4. Plan ahead

Having busy lives means we don’t often stop and plan ahead. Keeping a diary and making to-do lists are two things we recommend to help you organise your life. Also, take 15 minutes on a Sunday evening to plan the week ahead. Jot down meals for the week, note important meetings, and plan social activities. By spending time planning ahead, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

5. Look for help

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. There are people and companies who can help. Delegate work tasks. Firms like can help you out by converting PDF to Excel, saving you time. At home, get the children to complete chores. Ask the grandparents to babysit. Having support and help from others will hep you feel more in control.

Finally, don’t put pressure on yourself to make all these changes at once. Slowly adapt habits to ensure that they stick, and don’t beat yourself up if you sometimes forget. A balanced life is achievable if you take your time and make some small changes.

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