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5 more ways to get a better handle on your finances

If you struggle with your finances, you’re not alone. Lots of British people report feeling worried about their finances – but you don’t have to struggle forever.

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Here are five more ways to get a better handle on your finances. Check your loans if you need it onlending stream at paydayloansnow.

Look at employee retirement benefits

If you work for a large company and you have a retirement plan (such as a 401k), it is possible that you will be entitled to employee retirement benefits. This means your retirement savings could be matched by your employer, so you could double your retirement savings! Simply speak to your employer to find out more about employee retirement benefits.

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Enlist a financial advisor

Lots of British people struggle to save, but a financial advisor will be able to help with this. This is because they will look over your finances, then they will use the information to create a realistic budget and savings plan.

If you want to find a professional, independent financial advisor Wroughton based or similar, will be able to help.

Use automation to make life easier

There are also lots of automated tools that you can use to help with saving. For instance, you can set up an automated saving plan – so every month money will automatically be moved to a savings account. This means you will be saving money without even realising!

Learn more about financial subjects that affect you

You should also learn more about financial subjects that affect you personally. For instance, if you are planning on going to college you should learn more about college loans, and if you are retiring soon you should learn more about retirement plans. This will make it easier for you to create realistic, effective saving plans – and it also means that you will be more financially prepared for the future.

See if you have access to any credit card rewards

If you have used credit cards for a few months (or years) it is possible that you will be entitled to some free credit card rewards. Simply call up your credit card company to find out more about your account and the rewards that are attached to the account. This is a great way to get some extra savings money – but it probably won’t be an option if you pay your balance late!


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